University of Calabar UNICAL Post UTME Past Questions Updated

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UNICAL Post UTME Past Quesitons

1. The wavelike motion of the muscles of the oesophagus to push each bolus of food downwards is known as
A. Anti-peristalsis B. Digestion C. Peristalsis D. Oesophageal motion

2. Which of these diseases cannot be controlled by killing the vectors?
A. River blindness B. Malaria C. Polio D. Cholera

3. If a tall man (TT) marries a dwarf woman (tt) and they have four children, what will be the ratio of tall to dwarf children?
A. 0 tall:4 dwarf B. 3 tall:1 dwarf C. 2 dwarf:2 tall D. 4 tall:0 dwarf

4. The chromosome is found in which organelle
A. The Nucleus B. The Mitochondria C. The Vesicle D. The Cytosol

5. Photosynthetic organisms are classified as
A. Autotrophs B. Heterotrophs C. Herbivorous D. Omnivorous

6. Which of the organisms listed below is not a micro-organism?
A. Virus B. Tapeworm C. Coccus D. Vibro cholera

7. The nervous system is made up of
A. Kidney, bladder and liver B. Testes and ovaries
C. Brain and spinal cord D. Muscles and skeleton

8. The synthesis of protein takes place in
A. Golgi body B. Ribosome C. Mitochondria D. Nucleus

9. Mutations involving alterations in the genes are called
A. Gene mutations B. Gene changes
C. Chromosomal mutations D. Chromosomal changes

10. Which vertebra has a projection on the centrum called odontoid process?
A. Atlas B. Axis C. Thoracic D. Lumber

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11. Deamination occurs in
A. Kidney B. Pancreas C. Spleen D. Liver

12. The ability of an organisms to live successfully in an environment is known as
A. Succession B. Resistance C. Adaptation D. Competition

13. The following are connected with the movement of a reflex action
(1) Central nervous system, (2) Muscle, (3) Skin, (4) Sensory nerve, (5) Motor nerve Which of the following sequences indicates a correct path?
A. 1-2-3-4-5 B. 2-1-4-5-3 C. 3-4-1-2-5 D. 3-4-1-5-2

14. Which of the following statements is NOT true of symbiosis?
A. Symbionts must be living B. It is an association of ‘give and take’
C. The association may involve two plants D. Association between two similar species

15. The deficiency of Vitamin D leads to:
A. Scurvy B. Pellagra C. Rickets D. Beriberi

16. Hepatic portal vein is unique because it
A. Carries deoxygenated blood B. Begins and ends with capillaries
C. Is the largest vein in mammals D. Carried digested food

17. The thoracic vertebrae of a mammal is characterized by the
A. Vertebraterial canal B. Prominent neural arch
C. Prominent neural process D. Prominent neural spine

18. A grasshopper respires by means of its
A. Lung-books B. Gills C. Lungs D. Tracheal tubes

19. The inactive state exhibited by an animal during hot dry seasons is termed
A. Aestivation B. Dormancy
C. Resting D. Hibernation


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