First of all, you need to know the ins and outs of the GMAT format. For example, you may have excelled in high school and college math classes but still struggle with the GMAT quant portion. The GMAT checks the skills in different ways that you may not be able to work with. It is critical that you become familiar with the GMAT pace, pacing, and visuals.

Practice With Real GMAT Questions

The easiest way to gage your success as you study for the GMAT is to practice with questions written by the Admissions Council for Graduate Management (GMAC). The Free GMATPrep App and other GMAT tools, such as the GMAT Question Pack, GMAT Exam Packs 1 and 2, GMAT Paper Tests, the Official Guide to GMAT Analysis 2017, the GMAT Integrated Reasoning Prep Tool, and GMAT Write (which will help you with the Essay section) provide official GMAT practice questions.

Review the Basic Skills

The GMAT tests fundamental skills in learning mathematics, grammar, and comprehension. In addition to using GMAT-specific practice questions, you will also need to resolve any holes in your basic knowledge that will allow you to be successful at the test.

Focus on Your Weaknesses

You will be able to see trends in your mistakes after you have taken a practice test, or two. Knowing the patterns of the GMAT and its idiosyncrasies is not enough: You do need to know your own patterns of error, because working on your weaknesses will give you the greatest improvement in your performance. When you avoid making the same mistakes, when you continue to practice, you can break out of a rut and avoid plateauing. Going at the practice tests you have done, note trends of significant as well as minor errors. How does it take you to work on?


The GMAT ® (Graduate Management Admission Test ®) exam is a standardized exam used by over 6,500 graduate management programs worldwide in admissions decisions. It lets you gage your academic potential for success in graduate-level management studies, and show it to the colleges.







Frequently asked questions

The GMAT Official Guide 2020 series has 138 more questions across all three unique guides than the 2019 series, and all are real GMAT questions from past exams: 

  • The GMAT Official Guide 2020 contains 1,081 questions 
  • The GMAT Official Guide Verbal Review 2020 contains 312 questions
  • The GMAT Official Guide Quantitative Review 2020 contains 319 questions

There are three improvements with the 2020 series: 

♦  The Official Guide 2020 series contains more data sufficiency and geometry questions. (Note: the content areas covered on the GMATexam have not changed.)

♦  We expanded the chapter introductions on Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension to help you better understand what is—and what isn’t—tested on the GMAT exam. 

♦  Lastly, the Online Question Bank for the Official Guide 2020 series—an online tool that allows users to create customized practice sets using questions in the Official Guide series—is now accessible on mobile devices through the Wiley Efficient Learning mobile app and can be used in offline mode.


Yes. The 2020 series offers more questions, but the questions in the old edition can still be useful as a preparation tool.

The Online Question Bank is an online tool that allows users to create customized practice sets using questions in the GMAT Official Guide series. Each title in the GMAT Official Guide 2020 series—GMAT Official Guide 2020, GMAT Official Guide Verbal Review 2020, and GMAT Official Guide Quantitative Review 2020—has its own separate bank of questions. 

To access the Online Question Bank, follow the step:

Two, you can purchase the Online Question Bank on this page by selecting you desired year. This purchase comes with a downloadable e-book version of the corresponding GMAT Official Guide title (i.e., GMAT Official Guide 2020, GMAT Official Guide Verbal Review 2020, or GMAT Official Guide Quantitative Review 2020), available through VitalSource Bookshelf. Once purchased, you will receive an email from Wiley with instructions for downloading the e-book and getting access to the Online Question Bank.

Yes. The e-book version of the GMAT Official Guide 2020 series is delivered through VitalSource Bookshelf. It comes with access to the Online Question Bank. To purchase the e-book, go up and select GMAT official guide 2020 and make payment. You will receive an email with instructions for downloading the e-books and getting access to the Online Question Bank.

We generally recommend starting with the GMAT Official Guide 2020 because it offers more questions than the Verbal Review and Quantitative Review combined. The Verbal Review and Quantitative Review are designed as supplements to the main GMAT Official Guide and offer additional, unique practice questions for students who have exhausted questions in the main GMAT Official Guide.

The GMAT Official Guide 2020 series are the ONLY study guides that feature real questions from past GMAT exams, offered exclusively from the makers of the exam. 

You can purchase all three official guides (GMAT Official Guide 2020, GMAT Official Guide Verbal Review 2020, and GMAT Official Guide Quantitative Review 2020) on this page. Simple scroll up and select your desired year.

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