Refund Policy

Read and understand our refund policy.

If you have an issue with your purchase on Pastquestionsforum because you were unable to access it for some reason, we’ll be happy to get your money back to you, subject to the following guidelines. We don’t want you to be unsatisfied with your purchase or your time on Pastquestionsforum but there are restrictions to what we’re able to refund that are necessary to keep in mind.

It’s extremely important to note: To be entitled to a refund,

a) You must contact us within 14 days(2 weeks) of a charge for a refund. We cannot grant you a refund for any charges that are more than 14 days old.

b) or if you mistakenly purchased a studypack which you already have, you must provide purchase receipt for the previous order. We cannot refund you for a product that was shared with you illegally.

Refunds are processed to any account details used at the time of purchase. We do not provide refunds via cash, check, or other payment methods. We can only refund purchases that have happened in the last 14 days to the original payment card.

Conditions for a Refund:

Technical Issues, Payment Errors, Fraud

Pastquestionsforum will of course issue refunds for purchases – made in the past 14 days – in the following cases:

Technical issues – If you’ve experienced technical issues which are the fault of Pastquestionsforum that prevent you from using the purchase we may, in our sole discretion, provide you with a replacement copy of any such purchased content, which may be a different or updated version of such content. If we are unable to or choose not to provide a replacement, we’ll issue you a refund.

Fraud – If it’s determined that your account has been taken over by a third party and used fraudulently, we’ll of course issue a refund.

Payment error – If it’s determined that Pastquestionsforum charged you in error, we’ll definitely issue a refund.

Unexpected/Defective Content – If the purchase was made to unlock additional content which turns out to be drastically different than shown in the free preview or defective in some way, we’ll issue a refund to you.But you must contact us within 14 days of a disputed charge for us to be able to issue a refund.

Pastquestionsforum does not offer partial refunds. If you’ve used the service for part of the month and then canceled, you will not be eligible to receive a refund for the charge. You can only receive refunds for the above conditions and for unused time.Again, you must contact us within 14 days of any disputed charge, regardless of whether you have used your purchase. We cannot, under any circumstances, give you a refund for charges that are more than 14 days old. Restrictions are placed on transactions after 14 days and refunds cannot be issued after that time.

Refunds for Credits

  • An ebook that has significant formatting issues, or cannot be read correctly
  • An ebook that differs drastically from its description

Individual Purchase Refund Requirement

We cannot stress enough that you must contact us within 14 days to receive a refund no matter the circumstances resulting in the need for a refund.

Content on Pastquestionsforum is uploaded and maintained by our members, and we understand that some titles may not to be what you expected to purchase. Please carefully review a title and read any reviews other members have left to make an informed decision before purchasing. If it is a corrupted file, misleading, incomplete, or incorrect, we’ll issue a refund as long as it happened within the last 14 days.

How to Request a Refund

If the purchase meets the above requirements on what transaction we will refund and happened in the last 14 days, contact Pastquestionsforum’s support or email [email protected] so they can issue you a refund for the charge.Please include as much information on the purchase as possible to help us locate the purchase quickly for you. Ideally include:

The order number – This can be found in the receipt sent by email at the time of purchase or while logged into your account from your Order HistoryYour username and the email address attached to your Pastquestionsforum accountThe amount of the purchase (in Naira)The date and time the charge was made

If you were charged by credit card: the last four digits of the card number (please for security reasons, do not include the full number), the type of card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), and the name that appears on the card

Additional Note: Purchase made through any of our affiliate stores are managed by the site owners and cannot be refunded by Pastquestionsforum. Pastquestionsforum has no power over the transactions processed in their system.

Reservation of Rights

Pastquestionsforum reserves the right to refuse a refund request if it reasonably believes

(i) that you are trying to unfairly exploit this refund policy;

(ii) if you are in breach of our Terms of Use; or

(iii) if Pastquestionsforum reasonably suspects that you are using our service fraudulently.

This refund guide does not affect your statutory rights.