How To Pass TRCN Examination | Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE)

How To Pass TRCN Examination

Last Updated on August 8, 2021

This page has cooked up information or guides that will help you pass the TRCN (PQE) Examination. The  Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria TRCN is an Agency owned by the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria. It is important that you have full details of an examination before going in for the exams. On this page, we have taken time to guide you on how to pass the trcn pqe exams.

TRCN is tasked for approving teachers license in the country’s education system. Meanwhile, only NCE, PGDE, B.Sc(Ed), B.Ed, M.Ed, and PhD holders who are now teaching or intend to teach in Nigerian private or public schools of any sort or level are licensed.

Nature of TRCN Examination 

We will be talking about two things in this section. Firstly, How many questions are usually asked in the TRCN examination? The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria usually set 100 Objective Questions in 1 Hour.

Secondly, Is TRCN Exams a Computer Based Test (CBT)? The answer is YES. The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria Examination is usually a CBT Examination Candidates are required to have basic knowledge of computer before going in for the examination.

What is TRCN Cut Off Mark

The PQE has a 50 percent cut-off mark. It qualifies candidates to move to the next step in the registration process.

Candidates who score less than 50% have two more chances to retake the exam. If you fail again, you’ll be put on probation for at least a year. Before registering for the PQE, such applicants must undergo refresher courses. In this case, a re-sit charge is paid.

What are the Subject Combinations for TRCN Examination

Subject combinations for the Techers Registration Council of Nigeria includes the under-listed.

  • Basic Mathematics
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Educational psychology questions
  • General Education questions
  • Research questions
  • Sociological questions
  • Statistics
  • Teaching methodology questions

We have 23 different courses to be tested upon at the PQE, These courses includes: (PQE 001-023)

  • Basic Mathematics
  • Child/Adolescence/Adult Psychology: Human Learning.
  • Classroom Management & School Organisation
  • Comparative Education.
  • Curriculum Studies
  • Education of Special Target Group/Adult Education.
  • Education Psychology
  • Educational Management
  • Educational Research Methods
  • Educational Statistics
  • Educational Technology/Information & Communication Technology in Education.
  • English Language & Communication Skills.
  • Guidance and Counseling(Theory and Practical)
  • History of Education
  • Measurement and Evaluation
  • Micro Teaching Theory.
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Sociology of Education
  • Special Education
  • Subject Methodology
  • Teacher Education
  • The Teaching Profession
  • Theory & Practice of Child-Friendly School.
  • Use of the Library

How To Pass TRCN Exam PQE

The above information has done 50% of our discussion on this page. The easiest wat to pass an examination is to understand the Nature of that exam and also understand how the exam body usually set their questions. We have explained deeply on the Nature of TRCN examination in the previous section above. Additional information is provided below. You should take this part seriously.

We will be discussing about 3 perfect guides that will help you pass the TRCN PQE.

Get TRCN Past Questions and Answers

It is highly important that everyone going in for the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria Examinations get the TRCN Past Questions and Answers. The TRCN past questions is a complete tool that exposes you to previous questions set by the TRCN in the previous years. One of the reasons this is a powerful tool is that questions do repeat and coming across questions you have already attempted in your next exams is always the joy of every exam candidate.

TRCN Past Questions – Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria Professional Qualifying Examination TRCN Past Questions 2021

Explore Topics From The TRCN Past Questions and answers

This is very a important part and so many usually skip this part. It does not end at getting the past questions but working intensively with the material. So many people usually get the past question and relax on it. We advise that you pick out the topics from the past questions, and find a textbook to read more on the topic. The most comprehensive material you can’t find anywhere is available here Get your trcn pqe past questions and start proper preparation.

You Should Avoid Anxiety

Most individuals will not be able to relax because of the examination; this is very terrible since it will influence you mentally, which is not the best time to do so because it will affect the way and what you read.

Make a note of the category to which you belong. (Masters in Education or Masters in other fields with Education qualification), Category ‘C’ (Degree in Education or Degree in other fields with Education qualification), Category ‘D’ (Ph.D holders in Education or with Education qualification) (NCE).

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    please i want to start and open a private school but i dont have a TRCN certificate is this possible as i am a t teacher for 16 years and i want to know how to register for trcn exam

    • Steave Don says:

      You can purchase TRCN past questions by following this link https://www.pastquestionsforum.com/product/professional-exams/trcn-past-questions/

    • Steave Don says:

      You an purchase TRCN past questions using the link here. https://www.pastquestionsforum.com/product/professional-exams/trcn-past-questions/

  2. Alih Dennis says:

    I want to know more details about teachers registration council of Nigeria (TRCN). What is the difference between registering degree certificate and NCE certificate? Is there superiority or upper hand as the one to be considered most? Please I need clearification. Thanks.

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