Eco Bank Recruitment Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

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On this page you will be given access to the Eco Bank recruitment past questions and answers. All you have to do is follow the steps below to get your past questions and answers at just one click. Below you will get to see some of the Eco Bank Sample Questions. You will be guided on how to get the full material below.

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Eco Bank Past Questions

Benefits of Eco Bank Recruitment Past Questions

The Eco Bank past questions has a lot of benefits, but lets talk about the most outstanding benefit. This compiled e-book contains questions which will help individuals prepare for the Eco Bank interview/screening. Individuals who participate in the Eco bank recruitment should get the past question as it is a necessity. Below is Eco Bank sample questions proceed clicking the GET PAST QUESTION NOW  to get full access to the material.

Eco Bank Sample Questions

Question one What is the sum of positive integers less than 100 which leave a remainder 1 when
divided by 3 and leave a remainder 2 when divided by 4 ?
(a) 416
{b) 620
(c) 1250
(d) 1314

Question two What is-37 ± 47 equals:
A. 64
B. -84
C. 65
D. -75
E. -66

Question three Biological clocks are of such ____ adaptive value to living organisms, that we would expect most organisms to ____ them.
A. clear-avoid
B. meager-evolve
C. significant-eschew
D. obvious-possess
E. ambivalent-develop

Question four Add 0.98 + 45.102 + 32.3333 + 31 + 0.00009
A. 368.573
B. 210.536299
C. 109.41539
D. 99.9975
E. 80.8769543

How to Download the Eco Bank Past Questions

To get the full version of the Eco Bank past questions all you have to do is simply click on the GET PAST QUESTION NOW button above and make payment either online through using your ATM card or bank transfer using your mobile phone. After making successful payment your requested past questions will be sent to you through your email address in PDF format for download.

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