MTN Scholarship Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

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Download MTN Scholarship past questions and answers now at Past Questions Forum. Are you looking for where to get the latest version of the MTN past questions and answers? Have you participated in the MTN scholarship programme and want to get a copy of the past questions and answers for the MTN scholarship examinations? If yes then you are at the right page. All you need to do is just follow instructions outlined on this page to get your copy of the scholarship past questions. Before we proceed let’s look at the benefits of the scholarship past question.

MTN Scholarship Past Questions

Benefits of MTN Scholarship Past Questions

This scholarship past question plays an important while you prepare for the scholarship examination. In order for you to pass the MTN scholarship examination it is mandatory that you get a copy of the scholarship past questions as this introduces to you past questions which may likely repeat. Below is the MTN scholarship sample questions.

MTN Sample Questions

Question one Which state is regarded as the Jewel of the Savannah…?
A. Jigawa
B. Gombe
C. Yobe
D. Imo

Question two A check by the bank on itself is known as………..
A. Bank draft,
B. Direct debit,
C. Certified check,
D. Credit transfer

Question three Which of these was never an electoral chairman in Nigeria?
A. Prof. Attahiru Jegga
B. Prof. Humphrey Nwosu
C. Prof. Maurice Iwu
D. Prof. Musa Alkal

Question four When was the first year NECO examination took place…
A. 1998
B. 1980
C. 2000
D. 1975

Question five Another name for flash drive is ……………
A) Hard disk
B) Floppy disk
C) Memory Space
D) Memory Stick

How to Get the MTN Scholarship Past Questions

In order for you to get the latest version of this scholarship past question you simply click on the GET PAST QUESTION NOW and make payments either online using your ATM card or Bank transfer using your mobile phone. When you are done making payments successfully the past question will be sent to your through your email address in PDF format for download.


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