University of Port Harcourt UNIPORT Post UTME Past Questions And Answers PDF

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Download UNIPORT Post UTME Past Questions and answers and smile into your screening exam hall. We are proud to introduce to you the latest version of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) post utme past questions as well as the answers. It is mandatory that every student who have applied for admission at the University of Port Harcourt, get their past questions and answers for proper preparation against the UNIPORT post utme Screening examinations. This past question guarantees all UNIPORT aspiring students success in the UNIPORT post utme screening examinations. Download Ebonyi State University Post UTME Past Questions

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UNIPORT Post UTME Past Questions

UNIPORT Post UTME Screening Sample Questions

Question one elect the word opposite in meaning to that underlined
9. A book on style without abundant example seems to me as ineffectual as a book on table without abundant illustrations A. Useless
B. Difficult
C. Interesting
D. Satisfactory
E. Attractive

Question two choose the option nearest meaning to the word(s) in italics.
10. The hefty warder come in and all the pride snuffed out their cigarettes
A. extinguished
B. put out
C. squeezed
D. putdown

Question three The senior prefect had to carry the can of refused to identify the culprit
A. dispose the can of refuse
B. account responsibility
C. be made one of the can
D. bear the brunt.

Question four The news of his performance in the examination has made Okechukwu boisterous
A. highly laudable
B. dejected
C. elated
D. pompous.

Question five The builder’s taste reflected a superb choice
A. excellent
B. superlative
C. expensive
D. too much.

Question six choose the option nearest in meaning to the world(s) or phrase(s)
14. The president had a colossal loss
A. Inflamed
B. Disturbing
C. Intense
D. Lively

Question seven Mary stole the day’s takings from the bakery
A. Receipts
B. Collections
C. Contributions
D. Offerings

Question eight The administrator’s apathy was soon noticed by all his subordinates
A. Indifference
B. Kindness
C. Concern
D. Inefficiency

Question nine The way he handled the whole issue was rather despicable
A. disturbing
B. likeable
C. contemptible
D. frustrating.

Question ten choose the word(s) or phrase (s) which best fill(s) the gaps.
18. The school will…. for Easter in another six weeks
A. break on
B. break away
C. break out
D. break

Question eleven The man rose to an important position as a result of…… hard work
A. shear
B. cheer
C. sham
D. sheer

Question twelve The attitude of my students to ……..baffles me.
A. Pronunciation
B. Pronounciation
C. Pronunceation
D. Pronounceation.

Question thirteen He……by now, I can hear all the people shouting
A. would have arrived
B. must have arrived
C. had arrived
D. should have arrived.

Question fourteen fill each gap with the appropriate option from the list following the gap
22. In ……we, as politician, are identified with the masses
A. a more deeper sense
B. a much deeper sense
C. a most deeper sense
D. much more deeper sense.

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