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NNPC Chevron Scholarship Past Questions and answers is available for download at Past Questions Forum. Here you will be prevailed to get a copy of the NNPC Chevron Scholarship Past Questions and answers in PDF format. You should note that this is an up-to-date E-book that will guide you to be able to attempt the NNPC Chevron Scholarship examination.

NNPC Chevron Scholarship Past Questions

NNPC Chevron Sample Questions

Question one What is the price difference between 50 troy ounces of goldcompared to platinum?
A. $50,000
B. $15,000
C. $25,000
D. $20,000
E. $2,500

Question two If a trader bought yesterday 15 troy ounces of gold and 20 troyounces of palladium, how much has the value of these precious metals changed?
A. None of these
B. Up $100
C. Down $100
D. Up $165
E. Up $65
F.Down $165

Question three Which two of these statements must be true?
A. Calcium and magnesium ions precipitate soap to produce scum
B. The ion content of hard water is increased by the soap
C. The production of lather is influenced by the ion level of hardwater
D. Greater volumes of hard water than soft water are required in orderto produce lather

Question four Groundwater is usually free of contaminants and does not requirefiltration, but it often contains iron and other minerals that must be removed to ‘soften’ the water. Hard water contains ions called calcium and magnesiumwhich renders it unsuitable for many purposes. When soap is used with hardwater, it is precipitated by these ions to form scum, so that more soap isrequired to produce lather.
Hard water is also undesirable in hot-water systems because it depositscalcium carbonate and calcium sulphate inside pipes and boilers. This is knownas limescale. Ion-exchange is sometimes used to soften water. This involveszeolites or ion exchange resins which release positive ions and take up, inexchange, the calcium and magnesium ions of hard water. Another method ofsoftening water is precipitation, where chemicals added to hard water combineswith the calcium and magnesium ions to form insoluble precipitates that areeasily removed.
(1). Which two of these statements must be true?
A. The interaction of chemicals plays an important role in some methodsof water softening.
B. The precipitates created by the addition of chemicals can be easilyremoved to leave behind softened water.
C. The process of water softening is speeded up by combining calciumand magnesium ions with other chemicals
D. The chemicals in hard water are dissolved during the process ofprecipitation

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