TestMi.ng Oil And Gas Jobs Aptitude Test Past Questions Available Here 2022


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Last Updated on January 2, 2023

Oil And Gas Jobs Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers

TestMi Oil And Gas Past Questions and answers… Access the www.TestMi.ng Oil and Gas Job Recruitment Test Past Questions here at Pastquestionsforum.com

The www.TestMi.ng oil and gas aptitude test for 2022 recruitment exercise has been announced. Note that the TestMi exams will take place at the testmi.ng exams portal. All the invited applicants are looking for the oil and gas job past questions and answers as well as searching for the format of the test.

We have agreed to post samples on the www.testmi.ng job test site of the computer-based aptitude test questions that will be performed.

All applicants should note that the oil and gas job interview questions usually come from various fields of study such like quantitative reasoning, physics , engineering, more mathematics, geology, economics , history, chemistry, current affairs, general knowledge, etc.

Most of the questions posted here were also explained with diagrams and symbols, so it’s best to view this page with a computer to get a better understanding of the aptitude test questions.

TestMi Oil And Gas Past Questions

Important Update to Note Regarding the Oil and Gas Examination 

All applicants who applied for the oil and gas examination are all advised to take this information seriously. This update is in regards to the second phrase of aptitude test for the oil and gas job. Applicants should note that the second phrase of the exams will take place on the 30th January, 2022 Applicants are required to visit www.testmi.ng on the date mentioned to take the exams.

We advise that you keep checking this page for update on the oil and gas aptitude test examination. Note that your login details has been sent to your email addresses. If you have not received your login details, kindly send and email to [email protected]. Stay Safe.

Complete and Updated and Updated TestMi.ng Oil and Gas Aptitude Test Questions 

The TestMi.ng past questions and answers has been posted below.. Is required that you make payment to obtain the complete and updated version of this material. The testmi questions includes questions for these areas English, Mathematics, Spatial Orientation, Diagrams and, interpretations, General Sciences, General Engineering, Current Affairs, History, Information Technology, Drilling Engineering, Reservoir Engineering, Production Engineering, Well Completions and Designs, Geology, Well Testing and Well Logging Questions, Several technical questions, Basic oil and gas knowledge, etc

Question one A day trader bought 50,00 Tombe shares at last month’s low, received the Tombe dividend and then sold all these shares at last month’s high. What was the approximate percentage gain or loss?
A 20.5% profit
B. 30.5% loss
C. 25.3% loss
D. 10.4% profit
E. 25.3% profit

Question two. Which share has changed in price by the largest amount since the previous day?
A. Cannot Say
B. IWE Ltd
C. Xan Inc.
D. Tell Plc
E. Sludt System

Question three. A rights issue brings an additional 10% of Studt Systems shares to the market. If the current price for share drops by 8%, what is Studt Systems new company value (to the nearest million)?
A. N156 million
B. N168 million
C. N1,670.000
D. N10.0 million
E. N167 million

Question four. A trader has N185,000 to invest and decides to invest the money equally across the 5 shares shown. How many Tombe and IWE shares does the trader purchase at current prices?
A. 20,000 Tombe shares, 25,000 IWE Ltd shares
B. 20,000 Tombe shares, 225 IWE Ltd shares
C. 2, 000 Tombe shares, 2250 IWE Ltd shares
D. 2,000 Tombe shares, 225,000 IWE Ltd shares
E. None of these

Question five. At current prices, if the owner of 150,000 Studt Systems shares collected the dividend then sold the shares, how many Tombe shares could they buy with the proceeds (to the nearest 10,000)?
A. 150,000
B. 160,000
C. 270,000
D. 180,000
E. 290,000

Question six In an email marketing campaign, a company sent out 12,050 emails inviting potential customers to buy their products. Of these 120,050 customers, 24% opened their email, ¼ followed the link in the email and 35% of customers following the link made a purchase. If the advertised product costs N9.99, how much revenue was generated by this email marketing campaign?.
A. 25,184.79
B. 26,458.21
C. 27,655.36
D. 28,658.32
E. 29,321.58

Question seven A shop is willing to purchase used entertainment products for resale. The shop will purchase CDs for £2.50 each and video games for £7.50 each. Similarly, every £0.50 worth of products sold to the shop accrues I loyalty point. If a customer sells 26 CDs, 10 DVDs and 5 video games, how many loyalty points has the customer accrued from this transaction?
A. 142 points
B. 165 points
C. 177 points
D. 175 points
E. 138 points

Question eight An online retailer receives 150 sales per day, with the average sale amounting to N34, However, after advertising through an affiliate, the retailer has gained an extra 25 sales per day, with the affiliate being given 15% commission on the revenue generated through the affiliate. Assuming that the profit margins on the retailers product is 30% (not including commission fees) how much profit is now generated by the online retailer per week?
A. N1,746.75
B. N1,854.25
C. N1,953.50
D. N2,014.00
E. N2,157.75

Question nine A regular cup of tea contains 35 mg of caffeine, a regular cup of instant coffee contains 63 mg of caffeine and the average energy drink contains 80 mg of caffeine. If an individual consumed three cups of tea, two cups of coffee and 1 energy drink per day, by how much does this exceed the weekly recommended allowance of caffeine? (assume that the weekly recommended allowance of caffeine is 1,400mg)
A. 756 mg
B. 777 mg
C. 787 mg
D. 797 mg
E. 807 mg

Question ten The Cassava root contains 38 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams and each individual root has an average weight of 350 grams. If carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram, how many calories from carbohydrates cn be found in 250 Cassava roots?
A. 126,000 calories
B. 133,000 calories
C. 139,000 calories
D. 145,000 calories
E. 161,000 calories

Question eleven Fresh water accounts for 2.5% of all water on earth. Of this freshwater, 0.3% exists as surface water. Of this fresh surface water, 87% is found in lakes, 11% in swamps and 2% in rivers. If the total volume of water on earth is 1.386 billion km3, what is the total volume of water found in lakes?
A. 80,338 km3
B. 85,8383 km3
C. 90,4365 km3
D. 95,3731 km3
E. 100,291 km3

We have provided the TestMi Oil And Gas Past Questions. Endeavour that you get the General Oil and Gas past questions and answers. We still emphasize that the exams will only take place in the testmi.ng exams portal.

Note that more questions will be updated from time to time. It is advised that you bookmark this page for preparatory questions.


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TestMi Oil And Gas Past Questions
TestMi.ng Oil And Gas Jobs Aptitude Test Past Questions Available Here 2022

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