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Download you copy of the Total Scholarship Past Questions and answers now. Individuals who have applied for Total scholarship application are advised to get the scholarship past questions and answers. The Total past questions is a compiled E-book in PDF format. This scholarship past questions contains all necessary questions which will help you through the Total Scholarship examination process.

Outstanding Benefits of Total Scholarship Past Questions

This past questions and answers is a lot of benefits to the Total scholarship applicants. The under listed are a few we would talk about.

  • The scholarship past question helps individuals understand the likely exam time length
  • The past question Indicates typical number of questions you are likely to see
  • This questions Identifies number of choices provided
  • This past question helps work out time required for each question
  • The past question identifies style of exam questions (short-answer, multiple choice or essays)
  • This past question helps practice exam techniques
  • It helps identify key subject areas to focus on in revision.

TOTAL Scholarship Past Questions

Total Scholarship Sample Questions

Question one The current secretary general of the United Nations Organization is
A. Mr. Banki-Moon
B. Kofi Anan
C. Emeka Anyaoku
D. Hillary Clinton

Question two Communicating expectations and measurements relating to performance standards occurs during this function of management.
A. planning
B. leading
C. controlling
D. organizing

Question three The resources within an organization, used to achieve its goal, make up the _________ of a business.
A. external environment
B. workers motivation
C. internal environment
D. social responsibility
E. planning

Question four  Clue is related to Mystery in the same way as Warning is related to …
A. Disaster
B. Precaution
C. Risk
D. Danger

Question five …..document issued by a carrier which details a shipment of merchandise and gives title of that shipment to a specified party
A. Ship Documents
B. Bill of lading
C. Merchants List
D. Clearance and Forwarding Receipts

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